Full Version: Tiny Toy Chest available now for iPhone & iPad!
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30 Below Studios, an independant IOS development studio, has now released Tiny Toy Chest. Get it now and show your support by leaving a review.

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Your room’s a mess and toys are everywhere! With your trusty dog by your side, your job is to get your toys into your toy chest. It won’t be easy though as you’ll need to use cherry bombs, RC cars and other tools to help you get those toys where they belong.

Tiny Toy Chest is a puzzle game that will test even the best of us. Drag and drop the toys into the toy chest while using other objects in the level to assist you. There’s a variety of different toys including a robot, basketball, drum, teddy bear and more! All have different characteristics and realistic physics. Tiny Toy Chest is suitable for all ages and easy to learn. This game is optimized for retina displays.

There are currently 30 levels with more in the works. Tiny Toy Chest is a universal app so it will work on iPhone and iPad. All future updates and additional levels will be FREE!

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